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The Emperor

The Emperor, Father of Time

The Emperor is the personification of time itself. He creates the laws of the world and watches over the flow of time. He gives those around him a strong sense of purpose and aid him in keeping order. Though some of the laws he creates may seem restrictive to some, they are necessary to keep chaos and destruction at bay. The Emperor sometimes worries over his Empress, seeing her run head first into challenges, but he knows she is a capable warrior and does what he can to support her. Both He and His Empress keep balance over all of creation.

It is important that the two have some contact with each other, for whatever reason the The Empress, loses her connection with The Emperor, over time The Emperor would grow cold, with no one to help guide him connect with the people, his need for order becomes an obsession with perfection. He places more and more laws to the point that it is near impossible to do anything, he may even stop time itself. Bringin

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