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The Strength

The Strength, The Kind Hearted Titan

Those who have pure hearts are blessed by Strength. In time of strife these individuals may call upon Strength and fight along side him. But their blessing can also be a cure. They pure of heart give off an aura that lift some around them to a higher state of being, but this same aura can instill fear and confusion in other. People lash out and try to drive them away, make them prime targets for evil beings.

Fear and confusion hinders Strength's power, making it difficult to summon him. But Strength is not powerless. He roam the world disguised as a mortal, and perform good deed and teach them. His disguised varied greatly, he can come in the form of a old man, a small child, a battle worn soldier, a mother, even a stray dog. Strength understands the fear they have and does all that he can to calm their fears and shower them with kindness.

"True strength is delicate. "

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