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The Chariot

The Chariot, The Spear of Destiny
Empires across the world send their strongest warriors in search of the Chariot. It is told that whom ever is able to defeat the Chariot in battle can control him. Victory will come to those who command the Chariot. Many kingdom grew thanks to the power of the Chariot, but is it also that power that has lead to so many falling.

The Chariot will obey those who have defeated him, but only for so long. The Chariot will need proof that he's captors are still worthy of his strength. A task very few have achieved. As the Chariot fights along side the army, he studies them, learning their move,studying all of their tactics .

If they fail their are two possible fates that await them.

If the empire was cruel and destructive then he will lay waste to the land. But if the Empire was kind and just, he will be freed of their service but will leave them with a gift, a spear. So long as the spear stays with them, they will be protected from all invade

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