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The Lovers

The Lovers, Gift From the Heavens

The Lovers, guardian of the world, care and protect all, mortals would show their thanks with prayers, and festivals. The Lovers were not shy when it came to expressing gratitude and love for the mortals, laying with mortals was their way of keeping a connection with them and showing them that they are never alone in this world.

Though the Lovers share their love with all, it does not mean that they forgive all, those who have wronged do their best to hide from The Lovers's gaze. For if they look upon the guilty, they will be hounded by The Judgement.

Long ago the world was once protected by two Lovers, many mortals are unsure what happen to the second one, but some have notice that The Devil appeared shortly after the the second vanished.

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

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